I'm going skiing this week! I've already been once this year, and I'm going again tomorrow! I'll be inactive for one week, sadly. I've got one of those portable DVD players for the car, and I'm taking my iCarly episodes with me!  XD  Anyway, I'll see you guys when I get back!  =D

Jennette McCurdy getting bored?

We all know that Sam is a huge part of iCarly. Everyone wants to know, is Jennette getting bored? Does she want to leave the show? Was her retweet a joke or fake? We all have to realize that Jennette is grown up. She is eighteen, not fourteen. I am not saying I want to see her leave, but it is her life. I will be sad if she leaves. Hopefully she will be staying with us at least one more year. We love you Jennette!

350px|left|Exclusive footage of Jennette!

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