Ok so you know the innuendo page on this site? Of course you do. Well i think its bogus. I mean seriously people who do that page have way to much time on their hands. Its like they are trying to kill iCarly cause im starting to see people talk bad things about iCarly on that page. Theres alot of junk and made up stuff on there that not even an english teacher like my mom has heard of. And i force her to watch the newer episodes of iCarly with me! like on iPWV when Mr.Howard say Colan P. its reffering to a "Wet Dream" and also someone put on that page that on iOMG that when Freddie was telling Carly Sam was in love there SUPPOSEDLY was a picture of a male "body part" on the white board behind them! Ridicuolous!!! Its people like this who should be banned from iCarly wiki! Im not gonna write anymore im too furious but heres the link since they make it imposible to find the page!

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