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  • AriThereYet

    You and I

    August 25, 2012 by AriThereYet

    “Is it too late for you to love me?”

    Once the words leave his mouth he bites down hard on his tongue, instantly regretting it. He wasn’t even exactly sure what had even compelled him to say that to Carly, it just slipped out and now he was waiting for a response.

    Of course on the inside he was freaking out. He thought that after months of trying to forget about how much he loved her, feelings wouldn’t be brought up by either of them.

    Obviously that hadn’t worked.

    “Um, w-what did you say?” She asked as the strolled to a stop in the hallway. She was looking right in his eyes, which made Freddie feel almost intimidated. His wracked his brain for an answer that would suffice, and also ease him out of the awkward situation.

    “Nothing.” He held his br…

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