Dear Sunny,

You have been a great help to AnubisWiki,CarlyWiki, and so much more! I might not be in all but I still see you do a great job! I know right at this point were kinda friends. But you have done so much that I wanted to do something for you, this letter. I really enjoy the talks we have. They are mostly about AnubisWiki but that doesn't matter because were bonding. Sunny your our sunnysunshine in all the wikis you help us on. You are the best admin I could ask for. You make sure people are doing the right things more than other admins. You really know how to be sassy on a computer and I like that because that is just how I act out of a computer :). You are also a daisygirl to get your sunnysunshine to make your daisyimage better! I suck at letters but after this little section here comes a fanfic 4 u! You are the best and I am bringing back this template I made 4 ya: heres the template





Right the second sassy Victoria (Fabicia) got her wiki account, this fellow "ClubPenguinMember" (Sunny;admin) gave her a "Welcome" letter. Victoria felt happy that moment. She glittered and jumped up. She played (Editing;Commenting) on the playground (wiki). When Victoria didn't do something right, Sunny gave her a warning. Victoria understood but went on deeper (didn't follow rules again). Sunny gave her another. Soon Sunny gave her a block but that didn't stop Victoria from speaking to Sunny. Then they had a 187 replies on IcarlyWiki! Then Victoria made the blog post! THE END 4 NOW! :)

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