Hey iCarly people! My first blog here. :)

Anyway, I created this iCarly quiz to see who are you more like- Sam or Carly? Okay, so here it is:

1. What do you do during your free time?

a. Spend time with my friends!

b. Pranking people, going out to drink a smoothie

2. Who's your fave One Direction guy?

a. Harry Styles

b. Zayn Malik

3. How do you describe your mom?

a. She died. :(

b. She's crazy- but I love her.

4. Your hair is-

a. Dark brown

b. Blonde

5. You like to wear-

a. Cute tops with jeans

b. A comfy T-shirt with some jeans

If you answered more A's then B's: You're Carly! You're a girly girl who loves to hang out with her friends!

If you answered more B's then A's: You're a tomboy, but inside you're a fun and quirky gal!

Comment here to tell me what you got most! :)

ArianaGrandeForever! :)

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