This blog post was written to encourage discussion on the hypothetical crossover pairing of Freddie Benson (iCarly) and Megan Parker (Drake and Josh). Would you support this pairing? Why or why not? Would you ever want these two characters to meet, regardless of whether or not you would want them to end up together? Discuss!

Personally, I would be all for this pairing. It would not only have to involve a crossover between my two favorite of Dan's shows (Drake and Josh and iCarly) but it would also bring forth the best bits of Seddie and Creddie. Megan (obviously) looks exactly like Carly, which would undoubtedly please more than a few Creddie fans. On top of that, Megan is just as mischevious and pranky (if not more so) as Sam, which would likely allow a lot of Seddie fans to, at the very least, warm up to the possibility.

Megan also has a few quirks and personality traits that are unique to her, which would allow for a possible relationship between her and Freddie to be more than simply a Seddie or Creddie rip-off.

So what do you guys think? Would you support these two characters being together? Do you think this pairing would be a good substitute for Seddie and/or Creddie, iCarly's two most popular pairings? Please comment and tell me your thoughts!

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