what ship i support

is it creddie? NO!

is it seddie? YES!!!!

i love seddie. Sam and Freddie are so meant to be. they look so cute together.
Images (13)m k

Jennette Mccurdy and Nathan Kress look like they really love each other in this picture


Happy iLMM ANniversary

I love you too

in ikiss, Freddie says to Sam "i hate you!" amd Sam says back, "Hate you too!" and then in ilove you, Freddie says to Sam "i love you!" and Sam says "i love you too!" First it was hatred and then, 2 seasons later which was 2 years later it was love.

the reason Sam amd Freddie broke up was because they had little in common but they do have quite a lot in common:

they both like Italian food. epsesially pini's lasagne

they both have freakish moms

they are both good at insulting each other

they both can shout loud to get everybodys attention

they are both friends of Carly

a few explenations. cool eh

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