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Watching iOMG in the UK!

First of all, I am really excited for iOMG tonight. I really think Seddie is going to happen, and that makes me happy inside :) All the build-up has made this even better, and there must be about 8 promos now? And two sneak-peaks? Along with all the hype Dan has made about it. Do you think the large build-up is good or bad? Comment :D

I'll be watching it at 1.00am tonight on a Nickelodeon stream, which I have playing right now. Hopefully it will run smoothly for tonight! Staying up late isn't a problem, as I have been doing it all through the holidays. Is anyone else watching it at a crazier time than 1 in the morning? As soon as the episode is over, I am going straight to the iOMG wiki page and reading comments, as it interests me to read other people's opinions.

So, I've got my red/blue/purple clothes, Running Away, Call Me and Rewind playing on a continuous playlist ALL DAY and I'm reading a lot of Seddie fanfiction.

Homework? Yeah, right!

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