As most of you heard of what I did and I got a very pointless ban. I decided to just leave this wiki. I mean I don't even have the username to be here. I should most likey stay at the Victorious wiki. Atleast they did not ban me for infinite. I mean I know what I did was very stupid and beyond point but still, infinite ban? Oh please. I also realized I'm not a big fan of this wiki anymore. I only came here when I was taking a break from the Victorious wiki. I don't even have the username or most of my avatar pictures for this to be my main wiki. Heck I even took it out of my four favorite wikis. I know what I did was horrible. But I realized I should not even come on here anymore. If I did not take my Victorious wiki break I would not have evn been here. Well that's it for now so bye. I will also be found in the Gibby: The show, Victorious Roleplaying, etc... 


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