Bananas for Seddie!

aka Emily

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  • Bananas for Seddie!

    I think a reason why Sam and Freddie broke up (if they have definitely broken up) is because, if Seddie carried on, it would just be the same all the time.

    (All this next paragraph is what I’ve seen Seddiers tweet on twitter).

    Sam and Freddie would be dating and in love, and that’s it. There wouldn’t be any major insults or physical arguments 24/7 or anything, it would seem a bit, boring.

    I think Dan is just trying to make the season more new (but old at the same time with Sam and Freddie being just ‘friends’ again), and exciting, with a WHOLE LOAD of twists along the way. I think Sam and Freddie will get back together, and that’s why they said, I Love You AFTER they decided on breaking up. There is still a future for Seddie, I just know it.


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