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    The Seddie Irony

    June 13, 2011 by BeachBummer

    This is a video I made about the irony between Sam and Freddie! Watch it!

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  • BeachBummer

    Ok so this is a script I have made up entirley myself and is not whats going to happen on the show. This is what I hope will happen on the second part of iOMG where Freddie decides his ture feelings. Ok Here it is!

    The scene is where the last episode left off. Midnight in courtyard at school during the lock in. Only a few seconds after Freddie says "Its cool"

    Freddie: Uhh...


    (It starts raining and you hear thunder)

    Sam: Oh shoot

    Freddie: Lets get inside

    (The episode goes through with other funny moments and the entire time Freedie is remembering the times Sam has beaten him up. He remembers the times Carly has turned him down. He remembers when Sam has been nice to him and their first kiss. And he remembers when he was dating Carly.)


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