November 2010 to June 2011

I just got accountwhen all the spamming happened but before I didn't have one so I just looked around since October 2010, so I know all of you, but never talked to you.

So lets look at some good times:


  • All the fun wacky games or blogs you guys played :)
  • New users joining including CartoonPrincess, Churchpants, Alica123, Creddie 4 Real, Latersgee, Jon, PSFP, Rachim, CreddieMakesMeSmile, SunriseDaisy, Seddiegirl, Xxcreddier4presidentxx, NeneG, Magicboots, Seddiefoeva, SeddieCherry, CreddieCupcake, MaryanHPotterFan98, and I could go on and on!!!
  • AWESOME ADMINS INCLUDING: LotStar, Mak, TenCents, Eric, Roxas and a returned admin xSophie.
  • The good Creddie and Seddie Episodes wwhich EVRYONE LOVED!!!
  • ISTARTAFANWAR! That was a great time :)
  • Season 5 coming! Eeveryone was pumped up!
  • Busting Katydidit!!! Everyone was so proud for people on the honors list!
  • If you guys have anymore ideas leave a comment :D

So maybe if we bust these trolls we could have the fun old ICarly Wiki return and have more great users come!!!!

If you like my blog please comment and again:

If you guys have anymore ideas leave a comment :D

Ok bye!

Bearworld 15:20, August 17, 2011 (UTC)

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