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    We all know Freddie Benson, but do we know his pain?

    Freddie used to be a part of the most popular web cast in Seattle (iCarly), but now he is left alone... Freddie's best friends and lovers Carly and Sam both moved... the one to a different continent, the other to a different city. His other good friend Gibby also left Seattle to become a teacher (Gibby pilot).

    So now he is left alone with his mother ----> horrible!

    I hope T-Bo still lives with him and that he can still hang out with Spencer...

    Now that I think of it, I even feel more sorry for Spencer, of all, he is the loneliest.

    What do you guys think?

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  • BelgiumHelper

    Carly Shay

    This could be a really cool episode. The episode were Carly returns from Italy and reunites with her best friend Sam. The interaction with Cat would be funny, since both of them are really sweet and we might see a little jealous and evil side of one of them when it comes to their friendship with Sam. Also Dice could come along in this episode, by selling iCarly stuff and telling everyone that the gang has reunited.

    Ms. Briggs

    Who wouldn't like to see this *ssh*le teacher return. What if she turns out be Cat's aunt or something? Wouldn't that be nice? Or if not related to Cat/Goomer/Dice/Nona, can she at least be a teacher to Sam again? Sam could go to an evening class with her as a teacher.

    Spencer Shay

    I think a visit from this guy …

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    You probably all know Sam right? If not, this is her ----------------------->

    Sam is a wild girl living the dangerous life, a child of a family that probably has been in jail for the past century... Sam may be part of a criminal family, having a trouble relationship with her mother, or even be a little (how I like to call it) 'Sikowitz', she is a nice girl, who cares about her friends.

    She is however a criminal that has been in jail a couple of times, but she is a 'softie' (according to her criminal friends). The role model thing about Samantha Puckett is that she cares... Her mother is not her favourite person in the world, but you all saw how much she cared to get her out of jail...

    And, most important of all, she uses her 'powers' against …

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    Sam and Catly?

    August 15, 2013 by BelgiumHelper

    Hi, this is my first blog post on this  wiki. Hope you enjoy it.

    As you all see, on first sight, my user blog title doesn't make any sense at all! Unless you look really closely.

    This blog is about the friendship between Sam and Cat or Sam and Carly. I know lots of you want to see this show as a stand alone show, but I just think that we should take a little look to the babysitterbuddies their past.

    It's really bothering me, that Sam let Cat take the part of best friend so easily. I understand their friendship, but it seems like she already forgot about Carly.

    What do you guys think. Leave a comment below.

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  • BelgiumHelper


    July 30, 2013 by BelgiumHelper

    Since the show didn't get picked up...

    Will the pilot air?

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