Carly Shay

This could be a really cool episode. The episode were Carly returns from Italy and reunites with her best friend Sam. The interaction with Cat would be funny, since both of them are really sweet and we might see a little jealous and evil side of one of them when it comes to their friendship with Sam. Also Dice could come along in this episode, by selling iCarly stuff and telling everyone that the gang has reunited.

Ms. Briggs

Who wouldn't like to see this *ssh*le teacher return. What if she turns out be Cat's aunt or something? Wouldn't that be nice? Or if not related to Cat/Goomer/Dice/Nona, can she at least be a teacher to Sam again? Sam could go to an evening class with her as a teacher.

Spencer Shay

I think a visit from this guy would be legendary. There are lots of storylines this guy could get in the show. He could become an art teacher at Hollywood Arts. Or maybe Cat would need to make a sculpture, but she fails at doing it, so Sam calls Spencer to come over and help her.


Lewbert could return in any way possible. Maybe he's just back from jail, or maybe he gets a job in the appartment, or he turns out to have children, whom he brings to Sam and Cat so they can babysit him.


We've seen a few scenes where policemen where shown on this show, well why don't they show us Officer Carl. It would be a reason for iCarly fans to tune in.

What do you guys think? Who do you want to see return?

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