You probably all know Sam right? If not, this is her

Sam is a wild girl living the dangerous life, a child of a family that probably has been in jail for the past century... Sam may be part of a criminal family, having a trouble relationship with her mother, or even be a little (how I like to call it) 'Sikowitz', she is a nice girl, who cares about her friends.

She is however a criminal that has been in jail a couple of times, but she is a 'softie' (according to her criminal friends). The role model thing about Samantha Puckett is that she cares... Her mother is not her favourite person in the world, but you all saw how much she cared to get her out of jail...

And, most important of all, she uses her 'powers' against the bad... She hurts people, but only if they deserve it or if she wants their attention and affection (read Freddie ;) )

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