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If there were 10 things I could do in real life, I would...

1. Buy a PearPhone

2 PearPhone


2. Appear in an iCarly webcast.

4 iCarly Webcast

3. Meet the iCarly crew.

5 Meet iCarly

4. Touch Sam's Butter Sock.

6 Touch Butter Sock

5. Buy a smoothie from the Groovy Smoothie.

7 Groovy Smoothie

6. Play World of Warlords.


7. Host a Bikini Dog Food Fight. (Photo won't upload)

8. Eat a Fat Cake. (Photo won't upload)

9. Have Sir-Licks-A-Lot.


10. Eat at Gibby's (Photo won't upload)

If all of these things happen, then my life will be complete!

Please see my other blog:

I also have a tumblr account:

(I'm sorry for the other ones I can't upload) :(

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