If you have been in Seddie Page you see a Many pic of sam and Freddie.I see Cartoon Princess Post Her Blog tittle is Short,Stupid,Random,Seddie things.....XD.I create an opposit of her Blog title Long,Cool,Same,Seddie team (But i will never Change the seddie because i know most of you like seddie)

Many people like seddie cuz' They are fighting(Many people Know That Sam and Freddie Fight you think that they inlove),They Kiss in a roof top without knowing Carly that They are KISSING.

Please Enjoy This convesition

Sam Have Been kidnap and freddie is saving her while carly is lonely because freddie tell that he loves Sam and Sam say that She loves freddie too.thats why Carly Pay a Kidnapper to Kidnap sam in ROOM 9-N.

Freddie:SAM!!!!!!!!!!! SAM!!!!!!!!!!!! where are you

Sam:RIGHT HERE help me

Freddie:What room


and the kidnapper Steal sam's cellphone and freddie is on his way

Freddie:Sam thier you are

Kidnapper:Are you freddie Benson

While asking freddie's name freddie punch him in his face and save sam

Sam:Thank you for Saving my life

Freddie:Thanks,Iwant to say something


Freddie:I LOVEYOU..... ican not tell you because iam shy

Sam:I LOVE YPU TOO FREDDIE..................

[Sam and Freddie Make Up]

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