If iCarly's top couple is creddie you will be happy but seddie many people says seddie is the best,,The first thing people love about seddie ones in the iDream to Dance sams head is on freddie's shoulder,In iKiss freddie and sam kiss,In iStart a Fan War many people wear a t-shirt say Seddie and a Ping Pong Racket With freddie and sams picture with an amazing desing w/ a love angel in the buttom of the picture of there 2 and because there fighting sometimes to many of iCarly viewer think they inlove w/ each anther...And this is the creddies in iPilot freddie has a crush on carly,They alway hanging togther, some time the hug, freddie forget to let go carly when thier huging,in iSave your life carly kisses freddie like more than four , in iFind lewberts lost Love in the Hall there are happy w/ lewbert and in iStart a Fan war many people wearing T-shirt say Creddie and a pingpong racket w/ a picture of carly and freddie with no desing

So What couple you like CREDDIE or SEDDIE

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