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While casting the iCarly sam heres spencer" said carly to sam "oh in tha bathroom"sam say to carly"Bath room" carly say" cause he likes to pee"sam says "tell me the trueth sam" carly says "ok spencer has a date" sam says "ok,see you next time bye"carly says "and where clear" says a idiot "wheres freddie" carly says " in there house bathing" and freddie enter the room with no shrit a towel only in the downer part "OH MY GOD"sam and carly says"Why" freddie says "you dont have a pants only a towel " carly says " because my clothes are now small i need to buy some new" freddie says"ok" sam and carly sam accedentaly and kiss freddie."OH MEN" freddie says "Why"carly says " because sam kiss me and she freak out" and sams says" i love you freddie"

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