In this wiki I know all of you like iCarly for years.Some of us is a super fan of iCarly and me too.But in my FB account I see in page of iCarly in the face book "Many people have an iCarly fever".You know why the iCarly page say that Cuz' many of us never forgot to watch iCarly,Many of us have many dream of iCarly like 3+,And when you have no signal og nickelodeon you seacher an website in the internet,OR some of us say"I WILL NEVER FORGOT TO WATCH iCarly"And Some wiki user in this wiki have a Carly fever,Sam fever, or freddie feve or else Miranda fever,Jennette fever, or Nathan fever.Many boy have a crush on Carly have a Carly fever.And some boy have a crush on Sam to have a Sam fever.And All girl in this wiki have a crush on Freddie have a Freddie fever.For the real life Some Boy like Miranda They have a Miranda fever.Some boy have a crush on jennette they have a Jennette fever.And Some girl Have a crush on Nathan so they have a Nathan fever

So User what fever you have Carly,Sam,orFreddie fever and in real life Miranda,Jennette,or Nathan Fever

And Maybe you have a iCarly fever

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