Dan should cobine his show that he created (Expect All That,Kenan & Kell,The Amanda Show).The Dan Bakery should Cobine his show (Exepect that the series run 1994-.2006).So i created the iParty With Victorious,Zoey 101,andDrake and josh.Ok This shows about Team iVictorius The i Is form i/Carly and victorius from victorius Vs Drake 101 From Drake from Drake/and Josh and 101 from Zoey/101.

Staring:Miranda Cosgrove,Jennette Mc'Curdy,Nathan Kress,Victoria Justice,Elizabeth Gillies,Danille Monet,Avan Jogia,Matt Bennette,Leon TomasIII,Jamie lynn Spears,DrakeBell,Josh Peck

Carly,Sam and Freddie are webcasting iCarly while the Victorius,Drake and Josh,Zoey 101 are going to the elevator in the lobby and lewbert says'GET OUT FROM MY LOBBY' with a big voice so they run to the elevetor

Carly Say to Sam'Are you ordering a food agian' "No" Say Sam "But Who is coming in the elevetor?" carly says to freddie "iDon't know" freddie says "We have a little brake please enjoy this man who eating a giant Chesee" Carly say to the camera


They say "Hey"

The iCarly and the Victorious are team up and they Created Team iVictorious

And the Drake and josh and Zoey101 are team up and created drake 101

They say whos the Tech one the iVictorious pick Freddie and Drake 101 pick josh

So the winner is Freddie

1 Point Victorius and 0 point in Drake 101

Next who say blaberdoodles faster are he/she can

so iVictorius pick Carly and Drake 101 pick lola

So Carly wins

2 Point iVictorious and 0 in Drake 101

4 Hours later

10 iVictorius and 10 Drake 101

The lastly is the singing constest Carly vs. zoey

So the winner is Carly

They celbret iVictorius winns

and they leave after the party

The end

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