It was a alone it in midnight.Sam's sister melody is come agian to vist carly,sam,and freddie.Pam is gonna get melody in the airport while sam has a big turkey legs that she is eating.Sam is getty slepping and she fall a sleep while in the car pam is throw a pilow but sam never wake up so pam leave at the car.Melody is trying to wake up her sister but she never wake up.Melody wish her sister will be a good neat and smart person like her.but one day in iCarly studio sam and freddie is alone sam's try to kiss freddie but melody is opeaning the door freddie says'OMG you are true' and melody kiss him fort of sam. sam get a little jelous type.sam call carly to meet at groovysmoothies then talk about melody. Sam say the carly that melody and freddie are kiss but a little jelous the school freddie kiss melody a day.carly says to melody'hey melody you and freddie and gf and bf' 'yes' melody says 'OMG'. carly cries and cries but sam is trying to kiss freddie the iCarly studio sam and freddie are alone agian.Sam and freddie talk a little while and kiss then carly see sam and freddie are kissing. after they kiss she says:'OH MY GOD' .and freddie says'carly carly come back here.Then sams say to freddie' leave her alone freddie let kiss agian. So they kiss agian but sa little huggy type.Then the next day melody is going back at to the old school where she goes.before going to the airport and says to melody to broke up and melody says'it ok to me to broke up with you freddie'.Then sam and freddie became gf and bf and carly get a jelous type.

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