1) Which hairstyle do you like? Sam's or carly's? sam's

2)Which hairstyle do you like most for Sam. In season 2 or Season 4 or whatever season. Season 2

3)Same 4 carly? Season 4

4)Do you like spencer's hair short or long? Medium, haha!

5)Do you like Guppy or Gibby? Umm.....Gibby is funny and guppy is adorable so...Gibby!

6)Vampire Freddie or Normal freddie? Too hard! Vampire Freddie on the webshow and normal freddie in iCarly, but I love Vampire freddie's hair!

7)Mrs.benson or Pam? Pam, she's cool.

8)Nevel or Chuck? neither but I like chuck.

9)Seddiers? Do you think that iOMG will be better than iKiss? Yes.

10)Creddiers? You like isaved your life or ispeed date (the dancing scene)? iSpeed date, it was cute!

11)Sam or Carly? Sam!

12)Spencer or Freddie? My mouth is shut tightly!

14)Gibby or the one that you chose? My tounge is not moving! HELP!!!!

15)Favourite episode? Don't know!

16)Which episode do you hate? None, I can't answer my own question.

17)Which season do you like best? 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 1 and 3, 1 and 4, 2 and 4, 3 and 4? Too hard! I guess 3 and 4 but I love 2 and 4.

18)Do you want lewbert to on season 4? Yes, but only in one episode for 5 minutes.

19)Final question. which ship do you ship? Seddie!

No arguments please.


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