Hey guys, do you get this feeling that dan is trying to trick you to watch the show suppose, he asked this question ' who should freddie love and date? I feel like this question some kind of startawar kind of question. He knows that every one will say sam [no offence to creddie shippers] but he asked it even though he knew the majority will be sam and some will be for carly. Then we will give our opinions and somebody will argue saying that their ship is better and this starts a war. I think he likes this. Then we will make sure that we'll watch the show to see who'se right. I think he likes it when we fight cause we'll take the show more seriesly. Then he'll end the show with no pairing or they become reallyyy good friends, and the show will end in a comedic way.The same thing happened in ithink they kissed. When i saw the promo i got highly exited but when i wanted to find the answer sam and freddie just stare at each other. Even in i beat the heat, Nathan said that in the end there will be seddie but there was none. I think same about istart a fanwar. Yes there will be s and c shippers, so maybe they will just tell that their pairing is cute and the pairing will blush. But I don't think this is a completely relationship episode. But i could be wrong cause Nick airs episodes randomly so this could be near to the end. But i hope the end of icarly is not in this season. Anyway i'm not keeping my hopes on the coming episodes to be about relationships. I just want to enjoy the comedy right now and the icarlish ways and not start a war at all. In the end i will get into the relationship part and write fanfics but i'll make sure that i'm not bashing on any ship. Anyway i was supposed talt about Dan's tricks but i went somewhere else. But don't think i hate him or the actors and actresses, Dan is a comedic genius and without him we'll be icarly-less. The actors and actresses do a great job and they do what their supposed to do. I just can't understand why dan posts all these questions and make a war. If my blog is trash just let me know cause this is the 1st time i'm blogging. If there're spelling mistakes that i haven't corrected sorry cause i'm typing this at 00: 15 in the UAE.

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