Thia story not real it make up just for fun Me and SFG are in this story together. Hope you like the story enjoy ^_^ The story begins as Lizzy and Cheryl wait to see Bill and fred at the fancy restaurant in town. As Bill and Fred came to the fancy restaurant. They say Hi to Lizzy and Cheryl Bill kissed Cheryl on the cheek. And Fred kissed Lizzy on the cheek. Cheryl and Lizzy both blushed. They both had a smile on there face. They stared ordering there food. Lizzy and Fred get a Pizza together. And Cheryl and Bill both get a slada together. The dated with well it was a good night and they all day a good time Fred wants to marry Lizzy and Lizzy said's yes to Fred and Bill want's to marry Cheryl Cheryl said's yes as will. They weeding is going to be to the next day Lizzy and Cheryl go dress shoping to together. They find the dress they want they try them on they love them so they buy them. Bill and Fred both go get there tux together. And the next day was the weeding it was the most best wedding ever. Cheryl stared to cry so did Lizzy also cryed all will. They had a very awesome wedding their parents stared to cry they were happy for there kids. later that night Bill and Cheryl stared to dance and Lizzy also dance with Fred they dance all night and had some good food as will as dancing all night long. They wolrd bee happy for ever and ever be sad they all stayed happy. Lizzy and Fred bought there own house the next day so did Cheryl and Bill. Bill wanted Tom to live with them so he don't feel so along by himself Cheryl said that Tom can live with them she said yes. They stared to buy things for there house's they bought alot of stuff for there house's The next day they moved to there new house's. They stared to move things into the house's. The house's look so awesome and it was just right. End of part one there will be more parts of this story i will write more as much as i can :) hope you enjoy the story :) no mean comments on this blog thanks ^_^

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