Rodrigo's dad was very unset what he had hear form his wife had told him about Rodrigo was in love with Luciana. But Rodrigo told his dad that he wants to be with Luciana forever she's the only girl he wants to be with for the rest of his life know matter what happends to him he will always love Luciana for the rest of his life. Rodrigo's dad stated to yell at Rodrigo for loving the poor girl he don't like that very much that his son was in love with a poor girl and not a rich lady. But Rodrigo don't listen to his dad and what he had to say about the girl that he was in love with. The next day Rodrigo's mom told him the same thing over and over he don't care about what his parents have to say he wanted to be with Luciana more than anything in the wolrd even death can't stop him form loving Luciana. end of part 2 (note this was a very short one)

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