• BjornX

    Ok so the point of this blog is (yes im bored) to take an episode and post ur favorite Quote of that episode here.

    You are allowed to post multiple quotes, but you can only take 1 from a certain character

    So 1 quote from sam, 1 from carly, and so on...

    Have fun :p

    My favorite is

    carly (iWanne stay with spencer): No great town can be named yakama, it sounds like someone throwing up

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  • BjornX

    Hi there icarly fans :)

    As you probally know i'm doing a marathon in july, now for the start i need some pictures.

    These can be from episodes, they can be seddie or creddie related, random fan-made one's, i dont really care aslong as they are nice.

    So, pleas post ur favorite scene pic, ur own picture, etc.. here, and maybe you will see them during the marathon day(s) :)

    You can put ur name on them, but you will get credit for them at the verry end of the marathon anyway :p

    I hope to see alot of nice pictures :) oh and also, tell ur friends! the more, the better!

    Thank You!

    there is now a countdown on the website :o chek it out

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  • BjornX

    Livestream schedule

    June 20, 2011 by BjornX

    Hi guys :)

    So i have a little problem for the livestream

    everything is setted up, a test will come soon, BUT what about the airing schedule?

    I first planned on starting it , and just let it run all the way till its finished, but that would mean it will play while i need to sleep :p

    So i putted the first part of the schedule online here:

    I putted my timezone as a refference, GMT+1, for everyone who live's in a different one, you can chek the current time in GMT 1 here:

    Pleas tell me if its possible for you to watch the marathon during the schedule that is up now, if i notice that the majority cant watch it becaus the time is to different, i…

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  • BjornX

    Hello Everyone :)

    You probally all know it, nick isnt airing any new episode of iCarly until august :(

    So i decided to do a iCarly Marathon live!

    The marathon will run from the verry first episode all the way till the awesome iParty with victorious crossover :p

    Now, for the one's who want a little sneak peak at the site where you can watch the marathon, look below! :p

    During the episode's there will be short breaks from around 2-3 minutes, during these breaks i will either play a song, play a little video, OR a user-made promo!

    Yes, i will show user-made promo's for iCarly, the only thing you need to do is:

    Make a promo for iLost My Mind from around 2-3 Mins.

    You can use ANYTHING, keep it basic and use shots from icarly or go nuts and make it like…

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  • BjornX

    Hello everyone!

    As you all know nick isnt airing a new episode of iCarly until august...................

    So, to ease the wait, i decided to do a full iCarly Marathon in july! It will start at the verry first episode all the way till the iParty with victorious crossover :o

    In between there will be breaks all being around 2-3 mins. During these breaks i will either play a song, or do a little video, wich im gonna make a contest out of it, soon you will hear more :)

    For the one's who want a lil sneak peak at the site where you will be able to watch the marathon, watch it below :o

    So i hope you will all try to watch, and enjoy it :)


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