Hi guys :)

So i have a little problem for the livestream

everything is setted up, a test will come soon, BUT what about the airing schedule?

I first planned on starting it , and just let it run all the way till its finished, but that would mean it will play while i need to sleep :p

So i putted the first part of the schedule online here:

I putted my timezone as a refference, GMT+1, for everyone who live's in a different one, you can chek the current time in GMT 1 here:

Pleas tell me if its possible for you to watch the marathon during the schedule that is up now, if i notice that the majority cant watch it becaus the time is to different, i will try and find a way to let it run through the night without bothering my parents or me :p

But if it crashes or something happens, i wont notice it untill the morning. So pleas tell me if you can watch it or not


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