Hello Everyone :)

You probally all know it, nick isnt airing any new episode of iCarly until august :(

So i decided to do a iCarly Marathon live!

The marathon will run from the verry first episode all the way till the awesome iParty with victorious crossover :p

Now, for the one's who want a little sneak peak at the site where you can watch the marathon, look below! :p

During the episode's there will be short breaks from around 2-3 minutes, during these breaks i will either play a song, play a little video, OR a user-made promo!

Yes, i will show user-made promo's for iCarly, the only thing you need to do is:

Make a promo for iLost My Mind from around 2-3 Mins.

You can use ANYTHING, keep it basic and use shots from icarly or go nuts and make it like a movie trailer, its all up to you.

When you're promo is done, upload it to youtube and either tweet me the link at @bjornholemans OR send me the youtube link through

I will then choose a few and air them during the breaks!

Good Luck and here is the Sneak peak of the website!

See ya!


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