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  • Blue4fun

    This is actually a comment i wrote but it explains exactly what i want to say, and i don't feel like typing a lot today. =)

    I may be repeating, but, Sam's beating, teasing, and abusing is, at first, just a game they played but she got used to doing it. Over four years she grew a crush that bloomed into love. But when she realized she was in love she did it because she didn't want to be in love, not be in love in general, but she didn't want to be in love with HIM. The beating wasn't a sign that she loved him, it was covering up the fact that she did. But not just covering it up from Carly and everyone else but also covering it up from herself. She didn't want too believe that she liked him-AT FIRST. in iOMG she let a bit of her feelings out…

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