• BlueJhet

    I just read about this yesterday. You see, I was looking in Christina Ricci's wikipedia page (don't ask) and I saw this episode called iTravel Through the Future. All I know about it right now is that Christina Ricci will appear as the future Carly Shay. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm sure there's information or backround at least. If not, then this episode should be deleted off Christina Ricci's Filmography.


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  • BlueJhet

    I Saw Something in iLMM

    August 18, 2011 by BlueJhet

    So, this is for creddies and seddies. In iLost My Mind, they had specific type of clothing. You know, what colors they were wearing. So anyways, in the first half of iLMM, Freddie was wearing Blue and Red (Forming Seddie Color, Purple) and so was Sam. Carly was wearing, Creddie colors, Black and Red (Forming Maroon, Creddie color.)

    In the Second half, it was interesting. This time, Carly was wearing red, and Freddie was wearing black, all forming creddie! And Sam was the only one wearing purple. Is Dan trying to tell us something? Because if Carly and Freddie were wearing their colors, then does the seddie kiss involve creddies too?

    Thanks for reading. Hope you know what I'm talking about.

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  • BlueJhet

    Who are U?

    June 25, 2011 by BlueJhet

    Okay I love these quizes. Basically it's a quiz to see who you are most like in iCarly. Let's get started.

    What do you hate most?

    a. People who don't buy stuff

    b. Hand Soap

    c. Tori Vega

    d. Chilli

    What do you love most?

    a. Sticks

    b. Mountains

    c. Nothing

    d. Milk

    What is your favorite thing to do?

    a. Sell things

    b. Jump rope

    c. Taunt people

    d. Dance

    What is your favorite thing about iCarly?

    a. They're nice

    b. Gibby

    c. People get embarassed

    d. Jerry Trainer

    Last Question: Would you rather?

    a-b. Hit yourself with a stick 100 times

    c-d. Let a baby throw up on you 50 times

    Okay, so results time.

    If you answered a the most, than your...... T Bo! T Bo loves selling things and food on sticks. If people don't want to buy your things, than you hate them.... probably.

    If you an…

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  • BlueJhet

    iAm Confused

    June 12, 2011 by BlueJhet

    Did any of you guys see that iLost my mind episode? I by the way, am exited for it. There is also some other episodes that confused. I'm pretty sure iLost my mind and iDate Sam and Freddie is the same thing except the actuall title is iLost my mind.

    Then I looked at wikipedia and saw some other episodes. There was iLove You. Which I think is not real. Then there is iTake a Cruiser. Are these episodes real?

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  • BlueJhet

    What happened to HOA

    June 1, 2011 by BlueJhet

    Okay, I am also a fan of Hoa. A.k.a. House of Anubis. Anyways, I just went to the wikia, and it was SHUT DOWN!

    What happened?

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