Okay, I'm really not sure about this anymore. Probably, alot of you people are into the Cam dating stuff, and some of you aren't. But really, stay mature. I go to this wiki probably once a week, and I always want to read some blogs, but I don't want them to be filled with wierd stuff between a girl and a girl. It quivers me. So, all I'm saying is that Cam needs to be in control, and not in places where it can be seen easilly. You don't have to approve this message, I'm not in control of what you do, just hear me out.

P.S. Roleplaying characters should stay as themselves. Roxas told me to calm down in a stupid comment I made on a blog, and I just saw the i-carly shay's most popular blog about who she is really dating, I didn't know it was Sam she was dating untill iSaw it. Just saying, if you tell me to CALM THE HECK DOWN, I am going to write some really harsh comments to the user.

If you approve Cam, so be it, just let us know before we enter your blog. iShut Down.

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