HELLO! iCarly users. I love this wiki, especially all the icarly characters because their different personalities show the T.V. show's personality. I love most of the users, But I really hate the shipper's war. What I mean by the shipper's war... is that others are using the pairups to atack the characters. So, here is the shippers.

Seddie- I'm a seddie shipper myself, and lot's of other people love seddie as well. But, some are starting to hate Carly because Freddie seems to like Carly. But honestly, it's 50-50. After the iOMG kiss, who knows who Freddie likes.

Creddie- Okay, this one I'm having a little trouble with. I ship this second. But, some people are really angry about what HAPPENED in the "last ep." Especially one who cussed about 30 times, he was in the stupid seddie comments. But, stop blaming the characters because of the "last ep." okay?

Cam- iDon't really care about this anymore, especially because Roxas just told me to calm down about it. But the real reason is some kids really hate the dating between Carly and Freddie. I know some users are just passing time to wait for the episode coming up soon, but really. That's all I'm gonna say. And, if some users, especially some of the rp wierdos come telling to CALM THE HECK down, I really hate that. Okay?

All I'm saying is stop blaming the characters about the shippings, and stop hating other shippers! Their not real! Turn the Stupid war off! Stupid!!!!

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