Okay I love these quizes. Basically it's a quiz to see who you are most like in iCarly. Let's get started.

What do you hate most?

a. People who don't buy stuff

b. Hand Soap

c. Tori Vega

d. Chilli

What do you love most?

a. Sticks

b. Mountains

c. Nothing

d. Milk

What is your favorite thing to do?

a. Sell things

b. Jump rope

c. Taunt people

d. Dance

What is your favorite thing about iCarly?

a. They're nice

b. Gibby

c. People get embarassed

d. Jerry Trainer

Last Question: Would you rather?

a-b. Hit yourself with a stick 100 times

c-d. Let a baby throw up on you 50 times

Okay, so results time.

If you answered a the most, than your...... T Bo! T Bo loves selling things and food on sticks. If people don't want to buy your things, than you hate them.... probably.

If you answered b the most, than your...... Totally Random! Seriously, you hate hand soap, you love jump rope, and you're inspired by Gibby. Sorry, but if you look closely in these answers, you know you're random

If you answered c the most, than your...... Jade West! Jade hates Tori and barely likes anything. Making fun of people entertains you, so this is more likely the perfect character for you.

If you answered d the most, than your...... Baby Spencer! Since Baby Spencer is Jerry Trainer, he loves himself. But, the best thing about this is, your cute and adorable!

I hope you liked it. If you didn't, don't put mean comments on this blog.

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