aka RION

  • I live in District 4
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is Professional Fangirl.
  • I am Unidentified because of Polyjuice Potion.
  • BlueString19

    This is a blog stating that it's a good thing all of these craziness happening, well for me it is.

    I'm aware that a lot of people are gonna say "are you crazy? There's pedos, ship-warring, fan wars, trolls, hackers. You think these are good things?"

    Just hear me out for a sec okay.

    You see, recently I've become a computer addict because of this wiki. I've been disobeying my parents, getting some of my grades down the toilet. On the other hand, my English really improved.

    I do really care about the "grade thing", I can't care more about my parents.

    Teachers have chosen me to represent my school in a "quiz bee", if you know anything about it(it's a competition for students, a student per subject per year, I'm in science-1, in where I am, there are no 7…

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  • BlueString19

    To Creddiers: if you dont want to waste your time, dont go here. But if you want to, its up to you. I warned you, brace yourself for comments that may or may not appeal to you. And if you see comments that may seem rude to you, please don't take it that way.

    NOTE: This blog is not intended to start fights and misunderstandings, but mainly on signing up by Seddiers. For all the good of this wiki/blog, please don't start any of the things that causes fanwars.

    About the title, I used that to attract Seddiers. Sorry guys. Back to what I really want to say, umm...okay..., can every seddier sign in the comments to know how many or who the Seddiers are in this wiki. Comment your name and I'll add it here. Sorry for wasting your time. Thank you for …

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  • BlueString19

    So I keep saying this to anywhere I can for a long time now, and it seems that nobody pays attention to it. I'm not killing you're hopes in something, I'm just telling you to lessen it if it's too much, because you might hurt yourself, or bow and something like that.

    I already experienced this, lots of times but I ignored it, I suffered pain, cried for hours and kept telling myself never to do it, the last time this happened to me. As far as I can dig through my brain, the first time this happened, to me, who else, is 3 years ago. I was expecting that I'd pass at least a single competition, but lost all of it. When I came home, I cried the rest of the day, and I even wrote to the chalkboard I used in the competition "Remember this day, prom…

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  • BlueString19

    Which name or title is better, iParty with Victorious or Wizards on deck with Hannah Montana?

    Another question, sorry to bother you, Nick or Disney?

    Oh another one, I'm so dang stupid, Did you liked Wizards on deck with Hannah Montana? I know this question should be asked a long time ago, I just wanna ask it again.

    I promise this is the last one, From the sound of iParty with Victorious, do you think it will be better than Wizards on deck with Hannah Montana? Just how many times do I keep mentioning that. Uh

    I thought I was a one word person, here's another, Which show on Disney is the best? On Nick? Yeah, this blog is annoying, How do I know If you don't comment. I wish I didn't irritated you, I just can't help myself :(

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