This is a blog stating that it's a good thing all of these craziness happening, well for me it is.

I'm aware that a lot of people are gonna say "are you crazy? There's pedos, ship-warring, fan wars, trolls, hackers. You think these are good things?"

Just hear me out for a sec okay.

You see, recently I've become a computer addict because of this wiki. I've been disobeying my parents, getting some of my grades down the toilet. On the other hand, my English really improved.

I do really care about the "grade thing", I can't care more about my parents.

Teachers have chosen me to represent my school in a "quiz bee", if you know anything about it(it's a competition for students, a student per subject per year, I'm in science-1, in where I am, there are no 7th grade 8th grade, it's only up to 6, there are no "grade" in high school, only elementary, instead we call it "First year" up to 4 in high school. So to you Americans, I'm in 7th grade). It's been a great opportunity to compete and I hold 2subjects, science-1 and esr-1(earth science research), my trainer told me that if I failmin the competition, I'm gonna fail in these subjects. And I seriously don't want that to Happen. This wiki is getting in the way if my reviewing and my beautiful grades.

Pedos, hackers, trolls, people leaving, ship warring, people making blogs "Why I don't ship _____".

^^^ really pisses me off.

I'm not having fun anymore, why can't we all just have the great and awesome wiki we had before.

I'm happy these are happening. Coz it keeps me away from the Internet, if you don't know, this is the main reason I even go to the Internet. Which is a good thing.

(i know a lot of you are gonna disagree with me in the last statement, but everything have a good and bad reason)

So 'gotta get ready for the negative comments and just pointing out something different out here.


See ya after 2-3 weeks

Ps. I'm not leaving, I will never leave, I may not log in but I'm still here, oh you know what I mean, I can't explain it.

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