So, I think this whole Sophie drama has gone on long enough xP.

And I find it very typically of us to only focus on the bad things, when it comes to this wiki and the usual drama... blah blah.

So let's think positive. :)

I'll start xP

1.) What do you like about this wiki?

I like the people on it, I like how i've met so many nice great people on here. And I'm so glad that I know who my true friends are. I also like how we're always up to day with icarly news and episodes! :)

2.) What good things has happened to you on this wiki?

Well, I gained some really great friends on here :)

3.) What do you think the good things are now that we found out who Sophie really is?

Well, now that we know who Sophie really is, I'm glad that she stepped down as an admin because now we dont have to worry....

I'm glad she told us who she really was because now I realize I was being friends with a scheming liar who likes to hurt people for her enertainment...

Even though she hurt me a lot, I got something out of this. :) I am the one who doesnt have to face consequences, I'm the one who everyone wont hate on... :)

Bad things always have to happen to make good things happen x)

So what about you? :)

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