Yeah... It's my time to like retire from this joint forever.

You guys were amazing friends that I shall never forget, but I really need move on and get out more (pfft more like playing sims but w/e) Plus when I start college in September, I'm going to be major busy and I really can't afford any distractions.

I do check my message walls, so if you wanna talk just leave a message and I'll get back to you whenever I can(: Same if you have my facebook. Twitter however no, I don't go on there anymore. Unless you have my original twitter that is in my name, which I might give you.

I really don't want to leave, to be honest, this whole decision is last minute, but I have to.. I need to learn to be apart from all this because I can't afford any further distractions because college is going to be a lot of work:/


ps. it's my birthday next week, so I'll come back on Saturday just for that.

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