I've just been wondering this for a long time: Creddie shippers, do you think you are more like Carly than Sam, and Seddie shippers do you think you are more like Sam than Carly? There's been talk recently about how Seddiers are stereotyped as loud, rude people, and Creddiers are stereotyped as being weaker, and this sounds kinda like Sam and Carly to me. And also, if you ship Seddie do you prefer love/hate relationships in real life, and Creddie love/love?

I ship Seddie but I'm totally like Carly. So I guess it's not true for me.

Cam shippers, I don't know if this blog will work for you, but feel free to just tell us who you are more like.

Bolivianbacon 20:06, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

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