Okay, so most of us have heard about that bill that might mean the end of shipping/fanmade videos. I've had the idea for this blog for a little while and I think now is a perfect time to do it.

I think that we should all nominate our favorite iCarly fanmade videos and vote on them to see which ones are our favorites. That way everyone can see the really good ones before they get taken off YouTube.

So you can nominate one in each of these categories:



Cam/Other ships


Once people post some suggestions I'll make a poll and we can vote for favorite in each category. I think there will be a deadline eventually but I'll get to that later.

Check back and I will post the polls as soon as we have enough submissions.

P.S. I'm sorting it into categories so that people won't just vote for one if that is what they ship.

Okay, I hope you guys enjoy this!


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