I have spent the last two days making 15 new iCarly userboxes. They are currently listed on the userboxes page. Please use them on your own user pages if you want to!

I am going to create some new ones, but I need a little help finding the pictures I need. If you can find any of these images without text on them (besides the icarly logo in the corner) please post the title of the image in the comments down below. If you can even find two or three options for me to use, that'd be fantastic!

These are the images I'm looking for:

  • Sam and Melanie standing next to each other in the elevator
  • The moment in iGot a Hot Room where Carly says "Fuss on!"
  • Marissa Benson with her first aid kit or helmet light

I am also taking requests for userboxes now. If you post the title of an image and whatever you want to say, I'll try to make them as fast as possible. Please ask for userboxes that the whole wiki can enjoy (not just specific to your username, real name, etc.)

Thanks for your help!

Bolivianbacon 15:50, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

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