Hey everyone. I just realized from watching the promos that the iCarly fans at Webicon don't know about the Seddie or Creddie kisses. The Creddie girl with the PearPad said "these are screencaps from actual iCarly webshows". The people at Webicon have only seen what happens on the webshows, not at Carly's apartment or pretty much anywhere else. Knowing this, I think that either Carly, Sam, or Freddie will mention one of the kisses to the fans. It could happen right after the end of sneak peak #3; Carly sees that Adam is disappointed with all the Creddie stuff and says something like "Yeah, well Sam and Freddie kissed!" The fans would go crazy and that's when the total fanwar would break out.

Also, I noticed that the "signs of Creddie" the PearPad girl mentioned do sound a lot like the shipping moments on this wiki. Some people say that Dan must have read the stuff on this site, which I bet is true. Wouldn't it be funny if Dan had an account on the wiki under a secret name? Totally unlikely, but it would be pretty funny.

Thanks for listening to my random blog!

Bolivianbacon 01:28, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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