Name- I'm not giving it away


Birthday-August 9

Eye Color-Brown

Hair Color-Black



Favorite Colors-Green! And blue and purple and orange and yellow

Favorite Food- Um, Samosas :)

Sports-Dancing! It's a sport.

Extracuricular Activities-Dancing, Singing, and Piano

Favorite School Subject-Algebra II! Well actually all math. And that is tied with Biology. But when I get to junior year and we start Pysics, Pysics will be my utmost favorite.

Least Favorite School Subject-History. Blah

Grades- Mostly I'm a straight A student, but I've had a few B's

Music-All music! Except for rap which in my opinion is not music

One Interesting Fact- Hmm... I 've won a math competition before...

Another Interesting fact- I can flip my tongue over

Most Embarrasing moment- I was hanging out with some little kids and then I started singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and then my mom walked in and she stared at me strangely.

Favorite TV Shows- Right now they are iCarly and Psych. Anyone else a Psycho?

Favorite Movie- Oh my. There are so many. Ever heard of Searching for Superman? You should watch it.

Personality-I'm fun loving and I usually put others before myself. I would do anything for my friends and I trust people very easily. The trusting people kind of annoys me because you don't know how many people I have met who just turn their backs on me, but I still trust them. I can be sarcastic at times, and I've been told that I can be funny. Most of the time, I accidentaly ruin people's fun with my techincalities.

School Life- I have quite a few friends so I'm not a loner, but I am quite a nerd, especially a math nerd. I love school, and I love learning. Weird right.

Things I hate- Nuts(The food, not the tools), Boring people, Teacher's who only care about their paycheck, bullies, racists, discrimination, history(the class, history can be cool outside the classroom), stereotypical popular kids, attention seeker, singers who can't sing, the SAT, well, standardized tests in general and lots of other things

Things I like- My Friends, my biology teacher, tacos, pizza, Indian Food, Dancing, Singing, Acting, Reading, Math, Science, Holidays, School(sometimes), Sundays, Fridays, Spring, Cats, Zebras, Physics!, Drawing, Hanging out with my friends, Creative Writing, Debating in a civilized way, And many, many more things

Favourite Youtubers- I don't watch youtube much but Nigahiga FTW!

My Username- I love books and then I added 101 at the end because... because... because it is a cool number?

My favorite people on this Wikia- I don't really have a favorite. Everyone is awesome, except for trolls and vandalists

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