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Random Facts About Me

1. I'm Christian, I love Christ and accepted him into my heart when I was only 5.

2. I'm a Seddie fan but was crazy for Creddie in the first season.

3. I'm a fan of so many movies, tv shows and books that I love quoting from them.

4. I have two major pet peeves: bad grammar and facial hair on guys.

5. I love to act, sing, and dance but I feel I'm no good at it :p

6. When I try to be sarcastic, no one gets it and thinks I'm serious.

7. I can't play a joke on someone without smiling or laughing.

8. I love the ocean so much that when I was younger I wished that I could be a mermaid (I even wanted to dye my hair red in honor of Ariel :)

9. Whenever I'm laughing, my dad thinks I'm crying.

10. I love dipping french fries in vanilla milkshakes.

11. I hate tomatoes but love ketchup.

12. I love almost ever Disney Animated Movie ever made; my top 5: The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, Peter Pan and Aladdin.

13. I love to eat food except for vegetables (I used to think corn was a vegetable and thought it was the only veggie that I enjoyed)

14. I love Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove but don't really like the characters they play, although I've grown to like Carly more.

15. I like doing math when I know the answers but hate it when I don't.

16. I'm 16 but still love to watch kids shows :p

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