So for a couple of months I've thought about things that I really dislike and can't stand, there's probably more but, oh well:p

1. Bad Grammar

2. Facial hair on guys

3. Bad acting

4. Egoistical people

5. People repeating the same thing over and over again

6. Wearing red and yellow together

7. Cheesy pick up lines used seriously on a person

8. Girls who whine after their boyfriends and want to know what they're doing ALL the time.

9. Obnoxious laughter

10. People being mean or unfair to people who can't defend themselves (kids, special ed, ect)

11. People ordering food and trying to pass it off as if the made it.

12. Cheesy movies with overused plots

13. When people complain to make conversation

14. People who do the wrong thing knowing its not right

15. Ship wars

16. When people curse unecessarily

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