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  • BoriStory


    • After you get your food,drive back and then throw your food at the person in the window
    • Pretend like your at the library by saying:"Hi,do you have any Harry Potter books? Or Percy Jackson? I brought my library card."
    • Act like the worker is invisible
    • Pretend like you have muscle spasms
    • Speak in a weird accent

    Your turn

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  • BoriStory

    OK,so if ya know who "Weird Al" Yankovic is,then I want you to list your favorite song! And if you don't know who he is then...ya gotta look him up!

    My favorite song is "American Jedi/The Saga Begins" Is it called American Jedi or The Saga Begins?

    "My,my this here Anakin guy! Maybe Vader someday later,now he's just a small fry!" C'mon,sing along!

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  • BoriStory

    What I Hate

    November 7, 2011 by BoriStory
    • Skunks. They smell,they are dumb,and did I mention that they smell?
    • Justin Bieber. "Baaaby! Baaaby! Baaaby!" SHUT UP! Justin Bieber is such a girl!
    • Cody Simpson. He's just a doof with an accent!
    • Ducks. Ducks are just yellow,flapping aquatic,useless birds
    • Warm toilet seats. Ugh *Shudders* Just all the hatred I feel,when I sit down,and the seat is as hot as the dessert! :P
    • I hate people who make weird faces when there angry! Your angry not constipated!
    • Movies where the main character seems all cool and strong,but then they die in the end.DIE. Really? What kind of ending is that?

    There is a lot more,I just can't list all of it :P

    Oh,and please enjoy this pic of Carly with some cupcakes! ----------->

    Ah,man,I love cupcakes!

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  • BoriStory

    I think that Spencer is a Seddie shipper! Here's why:

    • In iCan't Take It,Carly says "I'm the worst friend ever!" Because she "ruined" Sam and Freddie's realtionship. Spencer changes the subject by saying "My bread is on fire" Maybe he changed the subject because HE thought Carly was a bad friend,too,for ruining Seddie's realtionship
    • In iThink They Kissed,when Carly says that Sam and Freddie kissed,Spencer says,smiling "GIMME THE DEETS!"
    • Spencer might not want Carly to date Freddie
    • In iDate Sam and Freddie,Spencer said "Aww" when Sam and Freddie kissed

    Who agrees?

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  • BoriStory

    If you go on iCarly Fanfiction Wiki,check out my fanfic! I only have at the moment,but this is what it is:


    'Check it out!!!!!

    Oh and please enjoy this pic of Sam with a banana ------------------>

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