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Spencer-A Seddie Shipper???

BoriStory November 5, 2011 User blog:BoriStory

I think that Spencer is a Seddie shipper! Here's why:

  • In iCan't Take It,Carly says "I'm the worst friend ever!" Because she "ruined" Sam and Freddie's realtionship. Spencer changes the subject by saying "My bread is on fire" Maybe he changed the subject because HE thought Carly was a bad friend,too,for ruining Seddie's realtionship
  • In iThink They Kissed,when Carly says that Sam and Freddie kissed,Spencer says,smiling "GIMME THE DEETS!"
  • Spencer might not want Carly to date Freddie
  • In iDate Sam and Freddie,Spencer said "Aww" when Sam and Freddie kissed

Who agrees?

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