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BoriStory November 7, 2011 User blog:BoriStory
  • Skunks. They smell,they are dumb,and did I mention that they smell?
  • Justin Bieber. "Baaaby! Baaaby! Baaaby!" SHUT UP! Justin Bieber is such a girl!
  • Cody Simpson. He's just a doof with an accent!
  • Ducks. Ducks are just yellow,flapping aquatic,useless birds
  • Warm toilet seats. Ugh *Shudders* Just all the hatred I feel,when I sit down,and the seat is as hot as the dessert! :P
  • I hate people who make weird faces when there angry! Your angry not constipated!
  • Movies where the main character seems all cool and strong,but then they die in the end.DIE. Really? What kind of ending is that?

There is a lot more,I just can't list all of it :P

Oh,and please enjoy this pic of Carly with some cupcakes! ----------->

Ah,man,I love cupcakes!

71716 3878471548 This user loves cupcakes!

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