Hi. So I am making a Series of Unfortunate Events fanfic. Oh, and Count Olaf is not dead in this. It is Duncan/Violet/Quigley. Hope yah like it!!!! ;)

Chapter One:

"VIOLET!" came the piercing shout of Isadora, Duncan, and Quigley Quagmie, they were triplets. "Violet! Come back!" Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire shouted. Both being the younger siblings of Violet Baudelaire, who right now, is stuck on a desert island, as her friends and family were sailing away on an old, ruined ship.

Here's what happened:Violet was blown off the boat from a huge gust of wind, and landed on a desert island. Isadora, Duncan, Quigley, Klaus and Sunny looked down at Violet in panick. They didn't know what to do, but they couldn't lose her. Duncan Quagmire did something very brave. "Klaus, hand me that rope!" Duncan ordered. Klaus looked at him confused, but obeyed. He grabbed a old, tattered rope and threw it towards Duncan.

"What are you doing?" Isadora asked. Duncan looked at her and nodded. He whispered, "Saving Violet Baudelaire." Quigley gasped. "We can't let you!" Klaus cried. "Yeer!" Sunny shouted, which meant "No, Duncan! Please! We need you to save her!" Duncan shook his head. "I HAVE to!" He cried, just as another huge gust of wind came by. Everyone turned to Quigley. "Say something!" Their facials expressions read. But Quigley only walked up to Duncan, and hugged him. "Good luck," he whispered. "Don't worry. I am only going to grab her and bring her back on the boat."

Duncan threw the rope as it caught on a branch of a palm tree. Duncan pulled on it to make sure it was nice and tight. It was. Duncan jumped off the boat as the rope caught him. He flew just above the sand on the island. Violet gasped. "Duncan!" she cried, gazing at him in amazment. Duncan grabbed ahold of Violet but the rope, sadly, wasn't tight enough. So the rope slowly untied itself, letting Duncan Quagmire and Violet Baudelaire fall onto the gentle sand.

"Guys! Come back!" Violet and Duncan yelled. But sadly, the boat sailed away, letting Isadora,Klaus,Sunny,and Quigley shout something, only to have Violet and Duncan be more confused at ever before.

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