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iBalls: Part 2 (Add ons) SEDDIE!

Bori Freak January 12, 2012 User blog:Bori Freak

Heya! So, guess which girl a-who is making an iBalls part 2? This girl a-who! So, you guys can add on!

  • Groovy Smoothie*

Carly:Guys! *Runs in* Why did you leave as soon as I walked into the apartment and- where's Sam and Freddie?

Spencer:IDK, Sam saw some chick and ran out. Freddie followed her. Than BOOM I was here with Gibby...until he left. Now I am lonely. So Carly will you stay here with me, so I am not lonely-

Carly:Bye! *Runs out*

Sam's House

Sam:Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no!

Freddie:Sam, what's wrong?


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